Tips for Learning to Play Piano

Looking for some free tips to help you get a jumpstart with Piano? I made this page to organize the articles I've written to help you get started, so feel free to check them out below. Oh yeah, and let me know if there's something you'd like to see!

Piano Basics

Check out these articles for tips on the basics of learning how to play piano.  Remember it's important to have a good foundation before moving on to advanced techniques!

Proper Hand Position
Any pianist will tell you that proper hand position is essential for advancing your technique, as well as comfort while playing. [Read more]

Warm-Up Piano Exercises
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Piano Lessons

There are tons of different types of piano lessons or methods for learning to play the piano.  You can take private lessons, teach yourself, learn from online lessons, or try a DVD course.  Check out my articles for lesson tips.

5 Common Mistakes
Learn the 5 most common ways to ruin your piano lessons.  Check it out before you make one of these critical mistakes.  [Click Here]

Benefits of Piano DVD Courses
Check out the benefits of learning to play piano from a DVD course.  It's my personal favorite method for learning to play the piano. [Click Here]


Whether you want to learn to jam like a professional jazz pianist, or you want to study Bach and Beethoven check out this section for information about different styles.

Jazz Piano
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Gospel Piano
[Coming Soon]

Classical Piano
Do you enjoy the classical stylings of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and other great composers?  Check out this article to learn more! [Read more]

Modern Piano
[Coming Soon]


Sheet Music

Looking for sheet music to your favorite tune?  Need tips for learning how to read sheet music?  Check back here for tips about finding or learning piano sheet music.

Learning to Read Piano Music
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Top 4 Piano Lessons:

#1 - Learn and Master Piano
#2 - Piano System
#3 - Rocket Piano
#4 - Piano by Pattern