Classical Piano

Does Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, or Bach sound familiar?  These composers, and many others, have a lot in common.  Yes, they are very famous composers, musicians, and performers.  You also hear their compositions all over the world.  These composers are also a part of a very popular musical style...classical piano.

Classical Music is music originating from Western liturgical and secular music. It encompasses a broad period from the 9th century to the present.

The major time divisions of classical music are the Early music period, which includes Medieval (476-1400 AD) and Renaissance (1400-1600 AD) the Common practice period which includes Baroque (1600-1750 AD), Classical (1730-1820 AD), and Romantic (1815-1910 AD), and the Modern and contemporary period which includes 20th Century Classical (1900-2000) and contemporary classical (1975-present).

There are a variety of forms, styles, genres, and historical periods associated with classical music.  There were also a variety of instruments used with varying pitches and tones to create a richer sound.  The voice was also incorporated in classical music to produce Operas.

A lot of complexity goes into performing classical music.  This includes sight-reading, ensemble playing, performance practice, and a knowledge of harmonic and tonal principles.  The larger compositions usually consist of smaller parts such as phrases, periods, sections, or movements.

Classical Piano is one of my favorite styles of music to play.  It can take the form of a Sonata, Symphony, Concerto, Suite, and more.  Classical music is very moving and can have many different styles of music in a single song.  A single song can also be many many pages long.  There can be soft, smooth tones that flow together or notes played quickly and forcefully.  The various styles within a piece of music is what makes it so appealing, interesting, and loved by many musicians.  Other instruments are usually incorporated to bring the song to life even more.  In my opinion, I love violins that are coupled with the piano to play classical pieces.  Two of my favorite pieces are "Canon in D" by Pachelbel and "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.  These pieces are so moving, especially when played yourself!


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