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Rocket Piano Review

Rocket Piano BoxRocket Piano is a piano course that can be either shipped to your house or downloaded right onto your computer. If you choose to download it straight onto your computer, you don't have to pay for shipping. If you choose to have it shipped to your house, you will need to pay for shipping, but even that price is much less than the cost of private lessons.

Rocket Piano offers lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players (one video series for each skill level, like the DVD's that come with the Piano System). Depending on how involved you want to be in your piano playing, you may want to look into another piano course to give you a more well-rounded piano experience.

For beginners who are just starting to learn the piano, Rocket Piano may be right for you. It is an affordable way to get started (only $39.95) compared to private lessons, which on average, cost about $30/lesson, 1 lesson a week adds to $120/month, or $1,440/year!

However, for an even more well-rounded beginning experience, I would recommend Learn & Master Piano. It includes an animated piano, workbooks, DVD's, complete online forum, and more to give you the ultimate beginners experience.

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Not positive that Rocket Piano is your best option? Compare the top 4 piano courses side-by-side below:

  Learn & Master Piano Piano System Rocket Piano
Overall Rating 9.5/10 9.0/10 7.8/10
Lesson Quality
Value for Price
Support 4-star.png
Teaching Style
Lesson Variety
Ease of Use
Learn More Read Review Read Review
Product 14 DVDs, Book, 5 CDs & Support Forum 6 DVDs, 2 CDs &
2 Workbooks
57 Online Videos, 26 MP3s, 6 PDFs & 5 Software Tools
Delivery 3-14 Days 5-7 Days Instant (Online)
Lowest Price $249 $149 $97 $39.95
Guarantee 60-Days to try,
100% Refund
90-Days to try,
100% Refund
60-Days to try,
100% Refund
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Want to learn more about Rocket Piano? Keep scrolling down for a more complete review.

  Rocket Piano Review
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4 Stars

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Lesson Quality: 4 Stars
Value for Price: 4.5 Stars
Support: 3.5 Stars
Teaching Style: 4 Stars
Lesson Variety: 3.5 Stars
Ease of Use: 4 Stars

Product Videos, PDF's & Software
Price: $39.95
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Is Rocket Piano right for you?

If you are a student who wants a little bit of everything offered at each skill level, Rocket Piano could be for you. It's an affordable way to get started, but you are also costing yourself a more incomplete lesson.

Here is what's included in Rocket Piano:

  • 3 books, one for each skill level
  • 133 sound files
  • 57 video lessons
  • 3 learning games to enhance your lesson in a fun way
  • 6 bonuses including a metronome, Jayde Musica Pro, chordinator, advanced learning techniques, perfect your pitch pro, and a 30-day access to Song Pond.

Rocket Piano offers a one-time payment of $39.95 to learn piano in the comfort of your own home on your TV or on your computer.

If you still want to learn a little more about this option, check out the pros and cons below.

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Pros of Rocket Piano

Here are some advantages to this course:

  • You can play along with a band.
  • If you decide to have it downloaded onto your computer, you get the material instantly.
  • It offers an audio CD for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.
  • It includes 6 unique and helpful bonuses at no cost.
  • It teaches songwriting, sight reading, improvising, and transposing, all of which are good fundamentals and skills to learn.

Cons of Rocket Piano

Here are some drawbacks to this course:

  • If you choose to have it shipped to your house, it costs over $150 more for the courses.
  • Like the Piano System, there is only 1 DVD for each skill level, which limits your materials.
  • Ruth is the only instructor, so she is the only one you get to learn from (similar to private lessons).
  • The $39.95 price is only temporary.

Overall, Rocket Piano does seem to cover the basics of piano playing and includes something for all skill levels, but it definitely does not compare to Learn & Master Piano. For a beginning piano player, I would recommend Learn & Master Piano. Check out my review for more information.

About Ruth Searle, Creator of "Rocket Piano"

Ruth Searle is trained to Grade 8 in Solo Piano and has over 15 years experience with the piano. Classical music is her specialty, but she also enjoys playing Jazz, Pop, Blues, Rock, and Gospel.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts majoring in Commercial Music. She also received an Australasian Award for Composition.

To summarize, Rocket Piano is a good course if you want to learn a little more about piano, even if you are an intermediate or advanced player. It teaches many useful and important piano fundamentals at an affordable cost.

However, the cost is only temporary and there is only 1 DVD to learn from at each skill level. Learn & Master Piano includes 14 DVD's and those are all for beginners and intermediate players. You get a lot more out of your lesson and the materials are almost endless.

Rocket Piano does have a 60-day guarantee, so if you do try this course and find you don't like it, you can return it within the 60 days and get a full refund of your money.

If you are a beginner looking for a great investment at a fraction of the cost of private lessons, I would definitely recommend Learn & Master Piano to get you a great start. If you feel you would like more lessons at an advanced level, Rocket Piano could be for you, but I would also recommend the Piano System.


Rocket Piano Review Summary

If you are more of an advance player looking for some good material, Rocket Piano could be for you.  Here is a recap of the pros and cons of Rocket Piano:

  1. You can either have it shipped to your house or download it onto your computer.
  2. It offers materials for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players
  3. The price of $39.95 is temporary.
  4. It teaches basic and important fundamentals, but the material is limited.
  5. You get 6 bonuses at no cost.

I strongly recommend Learn & Master Piano for beginning piano players, but for more advanced players, Rocket Piano may be right for you. Get Rocket Piano here:

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Disclosure: This Rocket Piano review was written to make your decision to buy a piano lessons course easier. If, because of the research I have done, you decide to purchase a course through a link on this site, I earn a commission for referring a friend. My reviews are unbiased and detailed, but these commissions help fund this website. Thanks, and enjoy Rocket Piano!

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